Full Digital Course Access 4x US$597 4-monthly payment plan

Full digital Course access

4x US$597

4-monthly payment plan



Plus free
Exclusive bonuses

  • BONUS #1: access to the exclusive WLB private Facebook group
  • BONUS #2: 12 personal training sessions with Heather to change your body shape without the scale
  • BONUS #3: live weekly Q&A sessions called “Ask a Coach” where you get all your questions answered and feedback from Heather and current clients who have graduated from the program and have had great success.

“I absolutely recommend Heather”

“I have been a client of Heather’s for over 4 years. What I have learned is that I need to listen to my body as a result my workouts is more productive and I just feel better overall. There have been many days that I have wanted to quit and with Heather’s encouragement I have realized that it doesn't matter how long it takes to reach my goals.”I absolutely recommend working with Heather because she will change your habits, your mindset and your body.”


“I highly recommend Heather”

” I have lost a total of 40 pounds. Throughout this time I feel faster, fitter and stronger. I highly recommend Heather because she truly does care about your success. She has changed me overall in my eating habits, thinking about what I am going to put in my mouth as I don't like to eat like crap because I don't like to feel like crap overall. You can do this as well. ”


“Heather changed me overall in my eating habits”

“My transformation and the power in working with Heather has been incredible. She has shown me how to take care of myself mentally, physically and emotionally. And she has shown me how great it feels to workout everyday and to use food as fuel.


“Heather changed me overall in my eating habits”

" I have learned how to make better food choices. I highly recommend Heather. She is a very compassionate fitness partner and health partner because I can feel like I can talk to her about food issues that I am having, fitness issues and she is always willing to take the time to troubleshoot with me and talk through it.”